Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Top 6 Android Apps for the Droid Using 21st Century Administrator

image[4]I have had my Droid 2 for a week now, and I suppose you might call me a true “Droid head” now. I hardly remember my previous phone. It think it was called a Palm or something like that. This phone has lived up to the promises I found on the web before I purchased it. It has been easy to learn how to use, and best of all,  I like the access to loads of free apps. In one weeks time, I have already have my favorite apps, and I am exploring others each day. As of today, here are the top six apps I have found useful in my day-to-day tasks as an administrator. I also threw in some of the other apps I have found fascinating.

1- Twidroyd: This Twitter Android client was recommended by many Android users both on the web and off. It is an excellent Twitter client, not prone to the lock-ups and crashes I encountered with my Palm twitter clients. It does everything I am able and want to do with Tweetdeck. I started with the free version, but finally couldn’t resist. I upgraded to Twidroyd Pro. I tried the Seesmic client and the Twitter client, but Twidroyd was the one that worked without a hitch. For more information, check out their web site. (

2-Dropbox: Dropbox has become a PC favorite for me as well. Now that I have the Dropbox app on my Droid 2, it just gives an additional avenue to access those files that are part of my everyday experience as a school administrator. Dropbox is quickly becoming one of those apps I can’t live without any more. For more information about the Dropbox app, check out the Dropbox blog. (

3-Evernote: The Android Evernote app proved its functionality to me the other day during a principal’s meeting. During one particular point of the meeting, I needed to take notes about some upcoming projects. I opened Evernote on my Droid 2 and just typed my notes there. Because of my Evernote account, I now automatically have those notes on both of my laptops. Adding photos and other kinds of media is a snap. For more information about the Evernote Android app, check out this site. (

4-Google Talk: Since our school system converted to Google Apps this past summer, this application has increasingly become an indispensible part of my daily use with my laptop. Now that I have a Droid 2 phone, I have added that instant messaging ability to wherever I might be during the school day. For example. recently a teacher needed to ask me a simple question during my meeting, and she needed the answer quicker than email could provide, but did not want to interrupt my meeting. She sent the question through Google Talk, and I was immediately able to respond without leaving the meeting. Here’s a review of interest on Google Talk for Android. (

5-Google Calendar: Again, because our school system is using Google Apps, this Android app is just another natural extension. I now have access to my Google Calendar on my Droid. I can perform the same functions that I can with my web access. For more information on Google Calendar App for Adroid, check out the Google Mobile web site. (

6-GTasks: With this app, I have access to my Task List in Google Apps. I have been using the Task Manager native to the Google Apps for some time. Now I can access that To-Do List from anywhere. Here’s a  Lifehacker review of GTasks. (

Honorable Mention Fun Apps

These apps did not make my current “Most Useful Android Apps” list for administrators, but they are interesting and I have found them interesting and entertaining.

Pandora: App provides access to Pandora music web site.

Grooveshark: App that provides access to the Grooveshark web site.

Facebook: Were I a more heavy user of Facebook, this would be higher on the list.

Google Sky Map: Point your Droid to the sky and obtain a map of constellations, planets and stars found in that region of the sky. The amateur astronomer in my found this one fascinating.

After one week, it is becoming harder to remember what life was like Pre-Droid. This past week has been a week of fascination and discovery. One big observation: the Droid can make my life easier as an administrator.


  1. Great suggestions (even for a school board type like me), thank you! I've had my android phone just over a week, and haven't had much time to play with apps - this list will save me lots of research time. So far I love the integration with Google Calendar and had lots of fun with the Google Sky Map.

  2. very very informative, very interesting also, it helped me allot.