Sunday, September 26, 2010

Since When Did Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Become an Education Expert?

These are really bizarre times we live in. We are asking software makers, talk show hosts, and even the “snot-nosed kid” founder of Facebook for advice on how to reform the education system in this country. What could these people possibly know about education in this country? Our society is quickly turning into one in which “he who has the most money, is the holder of all truth.” Why does their opinion in matters regarding education even matter? This post about Mark Zuckerberg’s comments about education show his ignorance and lack of understanding about education. He just spouts the corporate party line that all the other corporate CEOs are saying. Since when did we elevate corporate CEOs to the status of prophets of effective education? Was it not the greedy practices of many of these same people who have put us in our current economic depression? Here’s what I suggest for our CEO-Education Prophets:

  • Spend two or three weeks in many public schools. You are not going to really get to know the problems of the school with your drive-by visits.
  • Since you are so knowledgeable, maybe you can actually teach some classes for your two or three week visit. There’s nothing like getting down in the classroom trenches and facing what teachers face every single day.
  • Let us pre-test your students at the beginning of your visit, and then re-test them at the end to determine your value-added measures.

It is honestly beginning to look like our media thinks CEOs of corporations know more about education than those of us who have spent years in the schools. The problem is, many of our CEOs led us into this economic mess we’re in. Do we trust them with the children of our country?

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