Saturday, September 11, 2010

3 More Android Apps for the 21st Century Administrator

Since purchasing my Droid 2 phone a week ago, I have continued to experiment with the device and several applications. I am amazed at what is available. Here’s some more  applications that I would recommend to administrators who have an Android phone.

Power Note

Diigo is a powerful tool that allows users to basically collect information. What I quickly discovered after using my Droid for a while, was that I would read my email, and discover in that email a recommended web site link. Since I use Diigo heavily to collect items of interest from the web, I thought it would be great to have an app on my Android phone that would allow me to quickly bookmark these sites for later reading. I searched the “Marketplace” and discovered Power Note. This app has so far proven its effectiveness. I can add text notes, bookmarks, and other items as needed to my Diigo library. This is a must download for users of Diigo. For more information on Power Note, check here.


For any heavy MS Office user, Quickoffice is a must have. It allows users to create, edit, and view Office documents. Since many of my administrative files are either MS Word, MS Excel, or MS Powerpoint, this tool is invaluable. Add my Dropbox tool to this particular application and I have instant access to any of my working administrative files. For more information about Quickoffice check here.

Barcode Scanner

I really didn’t think I would have a reason to use this particular app, but I downloaded it to experiment just a bit. I scanned the bar code on a book that I had lying around, and instantly the information of that book appeared on my Droid screen. It provided me with basic information about the book. A Google books page appeared with a rating of the book, synopsis, related books, information about the author and bibliographic information. This tool provided me with a great deal of information by simply scanning the book’s bar code. This is another one of those have-to-download apps for further experimentation. For more information on Barcode Scanner, check here.

Gimmicks aside, these three apps have already shown their promise to me as an administrator. The Power Note program allows me to extend my ability to bookmark, annotate, and share information I have discovered, even when I am not in close proximity to my lap top or desktop. Quickoffice extends my ability to read the many Office documents I generate in the course of my day. This app also allows me to generate those documents as well. Finally, the Barcode Scanner allows me to use the barcodes found on many items to search for relevant information about those items. In my tests with books, it shows real promise. These are the next three downloads for your Droid phone if you have not done so.


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