Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bluetooth and Wifi Issues with MacBook Pros

Since I upgraded to OS X Yosemite, I, like many other Mac users have been issues with bluetooth and wifi interference. As updates have rolled through, my problems with using my Bluetooth Apple Magic Mouse and the wifi connections at work just haven’t been resolved. I searched the web and tried a whole list of things, but nothing worked. I narrowed the wifi connectivity issue down to an issue with using the Bluetooth Magic Mouse by simply turning off the wifi, which stopped the wifi connection dropping. While Bluetooth is turned off, I have no network and Internet connectivity issues.

After searching the forums, I discovered that the real issue causing the Bluetooth-wifi connectivity problem was FaceTime. This application when activated was causing issues with both my Magic Mouse and my wifi connection. The solution? Turn off FaceTime. It worked! While it seems like a great idea that I be able to text and answer calls on my MacBook, being able to have a solid connection to wifi and being able to use my Bluetooth mouse is much more important to me.
So, if you are like me and are having bluetooth and wifi issues, you may be able to resolve the problem by simply turning off FaceTime.

UPDATE: My fix above stopped working. Apparently, the wifi frequency and the bluetooth frequency still interfere. I gave up and purchased a regular USB wireless mouse. So for the "magic" in Apple's Magic Mouse.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

On Blogging and Where Have the Posts Been?

What many have probably noticed lately, there just hasn’t been as many posts to The 21st Century Principal blog as in years past. For some that may have been just fine. You may have tired of my blather any way. But for those wondering where I have been, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work on my doctoral degree at Appalachian State University, and work. Doctoral work, with its reading and more reading and more writing and more writing, just gobbles what ever time one has left over from work, which for administrators, that is not a whole lot of time any way. I just haven’t had a great deal of time. Now, the real work begins on this doctorate; I have finished classes and have begun work on the qualifying exam and dissertation.
Still, I have found the lack of time only part of the reason I’ve just not had much to say here. The truth is, my writing energy has been consumed as well with all the massive and demanding writing I have had to do the past two years in my classes. By the time I was able to write a paper, I just couldn’t find the energy to post on the blog.
In spite of this, The 21st Century Principal blog is still alive, just not as prolific as I would like it to be. I plan to continue writing about technology, teaching, leadership and public education policies that matter to me the most.