Sunday, September 12, 2010

Diigo: Still the Bookmarking Tool of Choice for Educators

The other day I read a post that pointed out that Diigo was going to a pay-to-use model. This post accused Diigo of following in Ning’s footsteps who suddenly went from free to pay accounts. I was not that affected by what Ning did, because I was a rare user of that product. I just became a non-user, at least until someone can convince that I need to pay for their product. In the end, it turns out the post was wrong, and my Tweet of that post was wrong. Diigo is remaining mostly free to educator users. It turns out, the tools that I currently use are to remain free as well. Diigo has been extremely receptive to feedback as evidenced by their blog and by their attempts to keep educator users.

Several other bloggers rightfully pointed out that Diigo must look for a means to make money. I do not begrudge them that. In fact, I will continue to use their product, because they have developed an excellent product to collect and gather information from the web. If their product improvements are enticing enough, then I will even consider the premium, but not before they offer compatibility for my browser of choice Chrome.

Thank you Diigo for your product, and for demonstrating an amazing responsiveness to your users. You will win many more users and even premium users due to your user-oriented focus.


  1. My main problem with Diigo is I can't do anything with PDF's. I don't think high school students run into that as much as grad students, so in the classroom it probably still is the way to go (NING so disappointed me!)

  2. I would agree. I could see where being able to add PDFs would be of great benefit. What I have discovered though, is the team at Diigo are very much responsive to user suggestions though. Educators were very much afraid of losing some of the Diigo functions, and the team at Diigo, quickly allayed fears by adding the features educators want. As soon as they offer features in the Chrome browser, I will upgade to their premium account.