Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kindle Cloud Reader Adds Highlighting and Note Taking

Kindle Cloud Reader just got better with 2 added features that make it as functional as a Kindle or as the Kindle iPad or PC App. Back in December, I listed the Kindle Cloud Reader as one of My 11 Favorite Chrome Browser Apps and Extensions. In that post, I indicated that there were 3 things I wished the Kindle Cloud Reader would give me the ability to do: 1) highlight text, 2) enter reading notes, and 3) access my newstand items.

Users of Chrome's Kindle Cloud Reader app can now:

  • Access their Kindle books from their cloud library.
  • Highlight text in those books.
  • Enter notes about the text.
  • Add bookmarks
  • Customize reading experience by adjusting things like the font and margin size and the backlighting of text.

Kindle Cloud Reader's Highlighting and Note Taking Features

Kindle Cloud Reader is a functional Chrome app that every serious Kindle user must have. To download the app, visit the Chrome Web Store.

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