Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Using the New "Send to Kindle" App to Read Any Files on Your Kindle or iPad

Amazon now offers Kindle users still another tool that makes using a Kindle even more functional. They now offer a "Send to Kindle" app that lets users upload any document to their Kindle. This means users no longer have to read those lengthy MS Word and PDF documents from a PC. Users can add functionality by installing this simple application to their PC. 

Once installed, Send to Kindle Shows up like a printer. Simply select it as your printer, and a dialogue box appears and users, like myself, who have multiple Kindles  and an iPad, can choose which device to send the file to. Once uploaded, users can read that document on either of the devices.  

There are any number of reasons to install this app if you are a Kindle user. You can upload journal articles, school improvement plans, and entire PDF reports. Where were these kinds of tools when I was in college?

To download the Send to Kindle app, check out The Send to Kindle Web Site.  Chrome users might want to download the Send to Kindle Extension for their browser too, which I wrote about here last month.

Send to Kindle App Interface

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