Saturday, December 17, 2011

Free and Easy to Use QR-Code Generator for Chrome Browser

Earlier in the week I posted “My 11 Favorite Chrome Browser Apps and Extensions” and several posts this week about my favorite Chrome apps and extensions. After that posting, someone suggested another app to that list: the QR-Code Generator app. (See the Chrome Web Store Link.)

Chrome Web App: QR-Code Generator Screenshot

There is a great deal of excitement recently about the possibilities of using QR-Codes as an instructional tool in the classroom, especially with the proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads that give users the ability to read these codes.  Still, I’ve been pondering just how I might incorporate the use of QR-codes in my role as administrator. I have experimented by posting links to outside documents using a QR-code before but that is about the extent of my experimentation with them at this point.

The QR-Code Generator App has me again pondering how to use these codes because it is so easy to use. This app allows users to generate QR-Codes for free text, URLs, phone numbers, SMS (text messages), and contacts. It is simply a matter of entering the information, and the app gives you a QR-Code, ready to be read with code-reader software.

Guess Who?
So, applications for 21st century administrators? Some ideas that come to mind include: contact lists for students and staff, schedules, and URL sharing as a start. I’ve just began to experiment with the QR-Code Generator, so I’m not sure of it’s uses yet, but I do enjoy playing with it. Maybe some readers have ideas on how to use QR-Codes in the role of administrator.


  1. Hey John. One thought I had was to make your opening faculty meeting to do a scavenger hunt with handbooks and school policies and procedures. Have teachers go in teams armed with a mobile device and QR Code reader app, and each code sends them to the next coded task. All race to finish and winning team receives some kind of reward. Would be neat to also think of away to respond digitally based on what each coded task ask them to find or do. Sounds fun, models tech, creates an opening culture of engagement, and breaks monotony of opening meetings.

  2. Don, that sounds like a great idea. Excellent way to engage staff in learning the technology and pondering its possibilities. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  3. Smartphones can easily scan QR codes making it popular to direct to mobile sites.