Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Clearly from Evernote: Collect Web Content for Your Evernote Notebooks

Clearly from Evernote is yet another one of those quite useful Chrome browser extensions, especially for those who have an Evernote account. One click of the button and a Web article is transformed into a simplified and uncluttered read. Four basic functions make this browser extension and addition to the must-have list for your Chrome browser.
  • The basic function of Clearly is to transform blog posts and Web articles into a format that is easy and clean to read.
  • By connecting Clearly to your Evernote account, you can make that Web content available on any device either connected to the Web or that has the Evernote application installed.
  • Tag articles sent to your Evernote account so that they are easily accessed and retrieved.
  • Change the theme  and the font size to make the article or Web page more readable.
Clearly Interface
Evernote users who want to capture Web content without all the distractions and make it available in all their devices, will love Clearly. For more information, check out the Chrome Web Store.

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