Thursday, November 4, 2010

Top Five Premium Web 2.0 Tools Administrator-Must Haves: Diigo

With all the free Web 2.0 options available, it is sometimes tempting to totally rely on these tools. Yet, there are some of these tools that are well worth the cost of the upgrade so that you can fully utilize the product. In the past several months, I have been trying out quite a few of these tools, and I have come to the conclusion that there are currently 5 that I believe are worth the cost of upgrading. For the next few days, I am going to post my top five Web 2.0 tools I’m willing to pay for. Today’s tool is Diigo, the social bookmarking site.


The social bookmarking site has expanded to the point that it now does so much more. The ability to bookmark Web pages, highlight text, and annotate that text makes it a fantastic tool for anyone collecting information from the Internet. I use the Chrome Diigo extension which gives me immediate access to these tools, and it allows me to quickly share these resources using Twitter and Facebook. The cost to upgrade to premium is only $40 per year. I will admit that I have not yet upgraded. my plans are to do so when some of the premium features are available for the Chrome web browser, my browser of choice. Here are some features you get by upgrading to premium.

Feature Description
Full Text Search With this feature, all cached pages are indexed and become fully searchable. Any time a feature allows searches, the functionality of digital information expands enormously. For complete description of this feature check here.
Cached Pages This feature allows users to fully archive pages forever, which allows for the first feature. For more information on this feature check this help page.
Capture With this premium feature, users can click a “Capture” button on the browser toolbar, and store an image of a webpage, then annotate it with shapes and text. Currently this feature is only available for users of Internet Explorer and Firefox. The web site says it will be available for Chrome users soon. Check out the help page for a more complete description of this feature.
Collect Images This feature allows users to collect images from Web pages by simply saving those images to Diigo. This is an excellent feature for those collecting specific images, and for providing a place to organize those images. For more information, check out the help page here.
Text View This premium feature allows users to read their cached Web pages in a straightforward, uncluttered manner. This feature works especially well with longer articles. For a more detailed description of this feature, check here.

As I indicated earlier, I do not currently have a premium account with Diigo, but I will add this to my paid-for Web 2.0 tools as soon as these features are available for the Chrome browser.

One additional feature of note that adds functionality for Diigo is the Android app, Power Note. This app is free. It allows users to add text notes, bookmarks, cached pages, pictures, and text messages to your Diigo My Library. You also gain access to your Diigo library and to your “Read Later” bookmarks. To get additional information about Power Note, check this web page.

 Next Premium tool to review: Dropbox.

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