Monday, November 8, 2010

Top 5 Premium Web 2.0 Administrator Must Haves: Xmind Mindmapping Software

I began using Xmind with the free version about a year and a half ago. It is one of the simplest mind mapping tools you can find, with a very shallow learning curve. Even with the free version you can create excellent mind maps. But for $49 a year or $44 per year for educators, you can download the Xmind Pro version which gives you the following features.

Feature Description
Brainstorming and Presentation Mode In the brainstorming mode use a full screen editor and timer to record responses or ideas. With presentation mode, you can present your ideas to an audience.
Security Set a password to protect access to your Xmind mind map.
Gantt View A tool for managing project tasks in a single view. It can help you organize your project plan.
Export Export Xmind maps to PDF, Text, Word, PowerPoint, other map formats.
Search Allows searching of mind maps, but also searching of the web. You can use this search feature to find images from the web. You can then drag and drop them onto your map.
Privately Share Users can share their maps privately with users they designate.
MapShot Using the MapShot feature, you can take snapshots of parts of your map to save for pasting into other applications.
Map Merge Allows users to merge smaller maps together into a single map.
TaskInfo With TaskInfo view users can define specific task elements in a map.
Gallery Users get hundreds of high-quality images to use in their maps.
Design Your Own Theme Users can give their maps a custom look with this feature.

Mind mapping software can be quite expensive. You can easily spend anywhere from $100 to $300 on a high quality, business-grade product. With Xmind Pro, users can get a mind mapping tool that has a wide variety of features for only $44 per year. That’s even cheaper than Inspiration, the mapping software for students. To get more information about Xmind, or to download the free version of Xmind, you can access it here.

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