Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Power Chrome User’s Top Five Chrome Extensions

Google’s Chrome Browser is my browser of choice. After Internet Explorer became so ponderous and slow-loading, I was looking for another browser. I used Firefox for a while, as well as Opera, but when Google released Chrome, I was won over immediately. Chrome’s tabbed browsing, its thumbnail view page, and its speed won me over as a user. Now there are extensions. Here are my current favorite top 5 Chrome extensions.

Chromed Bird

Chromed Bird is a Twitter client. It offers users all of the features of a regular twitter client. The ability to follow regular timelines and follow lists along with hashtags allows users to follow tweets the same way it is done in clients like Tweetdeck or Seesmic.

image Chromed Bird’s Interface

Gmail Notification Button

Another of my favorite Chrome Extensions is the Gmail Notification button. What this extensions does is periodically check your Gmail account and it notifies you when you have Gmail. It places a small number just below the button to indicate the number of unread messages in the inbox. Gmail is opened by simply clicking on the button.


Gmail Button in Chrome Browser

Diigo Extension

The Diigo Extension gives users the ability to highlight, bookmark, sticky note or share annotated portions of web pages. This extension makes it extremely easy to access these tools when stumbling across some interesting web material.


Diigo Toolbar Extension

The Evernote Extension

The Evernote extension gives users who have Evernote accounts the ability to clip web pages, add notes to those pages and then place them in notebooks.


Evernote Extension Interface

Awesome Screenshot, Capture, and Annotate Extension

This extension allows users to capture screenshots of the contents of a browser then add annotations to that image. Then users have the option of uploading the final image to a URL or saving it. It is a quick and easy way to take screenshots of browser pages.


Awesome Screenshot with Annotations Added

I have tried a number of other Chrome Extensions, but these are so far the ones I find the most useful for my needs. There are countless other extensions available at:


  1. Nice list! I may have to go back and check Chromed Bird. I tried it for a day or two, but I got annoyed by the new tweet pop ups.

    I'm curious as to how you use Diigo and Evernote? They both seem to have similar features. How do you decide what goes where?


  2. I actually purchased Evernote before I really started getting into Diigo. There are some things they both do. Honestly, Diigo works better for me for collecting bookmarks, collecting page annotations, and with the sticky note feature, I can easily add notes to what I collect. Evernote allows collecting whole pages and allows for more note taking. Basically, Diigo works better for me for the bookmarking and collecting of quotes. Evernote is more useful for more extensive note taking. I'm not sure I will continue using Evernote once the subscription runs out.