Saturday, May 24, 2014

Top Five Posts on the 21st Century Principal for Week

Looking through the week's stats, here's what everyone seems to be reading this week.

How to Stop Those Unwanted Audio and Video Ads From Playing While Web Browsing

Apparently, quite a few fellow web browsers have found themselves annoyed by those infernal auto-playing audio and video ads that play while accessing web sites. This post provides instructions on how to stop those ads from playing.

Authentic Leaders Are Open-Minded

Post on the importance of leaders remembering that their views are simply that. Leaders don't necessarily have the "truth."

Macally iKeyLT: Full-Size Keyboard for Your iPad or iPhone

The Macally iKetLT is a much less expensive keyboard that connects to your iOS device through a Thunderbolt connection. It works very well with both your iPad or iPhone. This is my review of that device.

New Evernote Feature: Turn Your Notes into a Presentation

My review of Evernote's latest feature added to the desktop app for premium users. You can turn your notes into a presentation.

Merit Pay in Education: An Exercise in Both Manipulation and Futility

My post on why merit pay schemes are a waste of time and resources and why it will never work in education.

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