Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stickyboard 2: Simple-to-Use, Now Free Sticky Note App for iPad

Stickyboard 2 is an interesting app because of its simplicity. Users might find this app quite useful in note-taking situations, mindmapping, or brainstorming. With Stickyboard 2, users can use a combination of "stickynotes" and handwritten text to do any of these things.
Here are a list of features of the Stickyboard 2 iPad app.
  • Create multicolored sticky notes on your Stickyboard. You can also choose from 3 different fonts for the typed text.
  • Handwrite notes or draw using multiple colors. Ideal for using a stylus.
  • Email your whole stickyboard to someone as a PDF or as Text.
  • Create multiple storyboards and save them in your gallery.
Though short on features, Storyboard 2's simplicity and features offer a great deal of possibilities for both the classroom and for other educators looking for a simple app for note-taking. Best of all, Stickyboard 2 is currently free. Click here for more information on Storyboard 2.

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