Sunday, June 15, 2014

Scribe: An Inexpensive Outliner Note-Taking Software Alternative for Mac Users

Recently,  I found myself in search of a simple program that would allow me to outline my readings for my doctoral program. Obviously, I could create those outlines within a word-processor like MS Word or Pages, but when I’m taking notes, simplicity in operation is important. I found a simple outline program in Scribe by Peppered Software. It is a simple outline program that provides minimal features for simple note-taking.
  • Easy keyboard shortcuts
  • Minimalist interface that keeps superfluous features from getting in the way
  • Ability to export your outlines to multiple formats, including: OPML, Rich Text (For your MS Word or Open Office programs), or plain text.
For the Mac user looking for a simple, inexpensive Outliner note-taking program, Scribe has proven for me an excellent choice.

Scribe interface
Scribe Interface

Note: I haven't received any compensation for the promotion of this software.

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