Wednesday, June 18, 2014

OpenEd Launches Free Common Core Assessment Creation Tool

Los Gatos, CA – June 17, 2014 — OpenEd (, the largest K-12 educational resource catalog, today announced a free tool designed to enable teachers to easily create assessments with the question types required by Common Core standards. OpenEd’s assessment creation tool enables educators to create tests incorporating their own questions, or existing questions automatically suggested by OpenEd’s unique educational recommendation engine. The assessment tool supports traditional question types such as Multiple Choice and True or False as well as newer types such as Multiple Response, Free Response and Composite Items.

OpenEd’s assessment creation tool also allows teachers to associate resources to individual questions. Should a student miss a question on an assessment, OpenEd automatically recommends resources such as videos or games they can review to achieve mastery.

“When we added assessments to our library, we found that there wasn’t a wealth of free, quality content. Since formative assessments are such an important tool, we asked our teacher community what they used for creating them. The answers we heard varied from Google Forms to Hot Potatoes to handwritten worksheets,” said Adam Blum, CEO and co-founder, OpenEd. “But none of the currently available free tools supported the types of questions required by the Common Core. So we decided to create one and make it free and open source. And our recommended resources functionality finally makes it practical for teachers to personalize content for each student based on the results of formative assessments.”

With the largest catalog of standard-aligned videos and games – all curated by educators – OpenEd provides teachers and parents with a free, simple tool to find videos, games and assessments that enliven lesson plans and aid students in class or at home. OpenEd provides teachers with powerful content to refresh their lesson plans, blend media content into classroom lectures and aid students with their work in class or at home. 

To visit OpenEd go to

OpenEd Assessment Creation Tool -!/assessments
• Free and Open Source
• Intuitive interface allows educators to quickly create quality assessments
• Supports IMS QTI import
• Unique recommendation engine auto-suggests questions based on standards and other metadata
• Allows educators to attach supplemental videos or games to questions
• Recommends content for intervention for students’ weak points based on assessment results

About OpenEd
OpenEd was founded in 2012 with the goal of enabling teachers to have access to the best educational resources for their students, with a focus on finding the right resources to teach Common Core standards. To do this, OpenEd has built the world's largest catalog of educational videos, games and assessments. OpenEd is committed to keeping all content available free to all educators worldwide. For more info visit

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