Thursday, September 12, 2013

Infographic: How Students Use Technology in School and Out

What are we getting students to do with technology in our schools? Here's an interesting infographic from Education Week that offers some answers to that very question. One can only hope that "Create presentations and media" doesn't mean our students are spending a great deal of time engaged in PowerPoint creation. It is interesting, however, that at the high school level that we are getting students to use social media for collaboration fairly often. What is perhaps disappointing and will probably become even more disappointing as these so-called "better assessments" come online is the statistic that we're using technology to take tests almost as much as we use social media for collaboration.

Obviously the danger is that we'll turn our computers to testing machines rather than authentic ways to engage in learning and content creation. I'm not really surprised by the outside of school stats. I doubt very seriously that students in the seventies and eighties went home, and by choice, watched educational documentaries unless forced to do so. I know I didn't.

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