Thursday, September 5, 2013

Evernote 5: New Windows Desktop Evernote Adds More Features

Evernote, version 5, now has a sleeker interface for the Windows desktop version. The navigation panes to the left are similar enough to the previous versions. I am just beginning to explore its new features, but here's some great features I've already discovered that add a even more functionality to Evernote.
  • When you access a note in a notebook, Evernote now displays "Related Notes" at the bottom of the Notes Pane, suggesting other notes that might be connected to the one you are accessing.
  • New Shortcuts Feature allows users to drag notes, notebooks and tags to a location in order to allow quick access.
  • Window users can now attach "Reminders" to notes as they could in the Mac and iOS versions of Evernote.
  • Better organization so users can more easily access to notes and notebook.
  • Users can use Smarter Searching for an improved searching experience for their notes.
  • Users can now use a "Card View" feature that allows for easier scanning of note content.
  • Evernote offers a redesigned note editor panel and the ability to pop a note out of the pane to work on a single note.
New Windows Evenote 5 Interface

Evernote's attention to the note taking and providing users with software with lots of features continues. For more information on these features, and to download Evernote 5, check out their blog,

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