Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why I Purchased an Android Tablet and Not an iPad

 One of the biggest reasons for purchasing an Android tablet as opposed to an iPad was my Amazon cloud products. I have my music uploaded to the Amazon cloud, and unfortunately, there is no Amazon music player app available for the iPad. Of the course, the pure OSers would point out I could store my music in the iCloud, but then I could not access my music on my Kindle Fire, which I sometimes do while reading. To be honest, I would have been perfectly content with my Kindle Fire as a tablet except for the lack of 3G, soon to be 4G capability. There simply were too many times I wanted to check my email, Tweet or Facebook, but could not because there was no open WiFi, which is the only way to currently connect with the Kindle Fire. Bottom line, my Galaxy Tab with its Android operating system, allows me to access my music.

Another reason for purchasing an Android tablet as opposed to an iPad was the size. I was attracted to the slightly smaller 7.7 Galaxy Tab. It will fit in one hand, at least my big hands, and its just a bit smaller size means I can easily hold it while standing outside during parking lot duty. That means I can check email, read my RSS feeds, and even write a blog post while making sure some of my students do not abscond from campus during lunch. Its small size means I can hold it in my palm. The smaller size means I can easily access my favorite apps while doing many of the tasks principals find themselves doing. With the 3G, soon to be 4G capability, I do not have to worry about wireless access in some of those places I find myself performing principal duties, and believe me, there are those places.

Finally, I got an Android tablet because I like new toys. I have a Wifi-only capable iPad issued by the school district. I have my WiFi Kindle Fire. I just wanted a new toy to experiment and play with. I had read several posts about the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the 10.1, and I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience, as well as take advantage of what I had learned by having an Android smartphone. I enjoy the challenge of learning how to use new devices.
In the end, I have been more than satisfied with my purchase. I bought the docking keyboard that goes with the Galaxy Tab 7.7 too. That key board is amazing. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has proven already that I did not make the wrong choice.

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