Saturday, May 12, 2012

Send and Receive Text Messages on Your Android Tablet

You can receive free text messages on your Android tablet by installing the Google Voice app on your device, and by setting up a Google voice number on your Google Apps account.

Once your Google Voice app is set up, you can do any of the following with this application.
  • Receive and send free text messages from your Android tablet.
  • Access your text messages from your PC with your Google Voice inbox. This also means you can send text messages through your Google Voice number from your PC.
  • Use the Google Voice mail to channel your voice mail to your inbox.
  • Set up Google Voice so that when someone text messages you, you get the message in your email inbox too.
  • Consolidate your phone numbers so that all your calls go through your Google Voice.

Google Voice Web App Screenshot

Google Voice is a powerful free app from Google and offers school administrators quite few features they may wish to explore.

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