Saturday, November 26, 2011

TagMyDoc: Interesting Way to Use QR Codes to Share Docs

There is no doubt, the Web is all about sharing documents, and new tools are arising all the time that facilitate our ability to do just that. Recently, someone shared a new Web tool developed called which allows users to share their documents through the use of QR codes.

TagMyDoc basically allows users to use QR codes as a means to share and provide access to documents. For example, during a presentation you want to provide your audience with immediate access to your presentation using their smart devices. With TagMyDoc, you upload the presentation to their web site, and you are given a QR scan code. Make that QR available to your audience and they can immediately access the document. No need to type in lengthy URLs or key words. You can even download their scanner app for your Apple device and scan away. I used my Android scanner and was able to seamlessly access my document. I can easily see how this tool might facilitate the use of smartphone technology in both the school and the classroom.
Currently, TagMyDoc offers both free and relatively inexpensive accounts. Try it out here:

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  1. If your phone does not have the reader installed, you can visit the website of your phone and download this application. There are numerous applications in the App Store for the iPhone that reads QR codes. Windows Mobile users can download QuickMarks.

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