Friday, November 18, 2011

7 Suggested Apps for the New Kindle Fire Owner

After working with several apps on the Kindle Fire during the past few days, I have struggled with the fact that some of my favorite Web tools like Diigo do not yet have an app in the Amazon App Store. Still, I have found the following apps useful so far.

Evernote:  Evernote,  as I have posted many times before, is my favorite note taking app. I wasted absolutely no time downloading and installing this app for the Kindle Fire. It works very well in the Kindle environment, allowing me access to my notes and to my to-do list.

CalenGoo: This app allows users access to their Google Calendar. I keep everything on Google Calendar so I was glad to find this app. I can check my calendar just as I can on my iPad or smartphone.

Tweetcaster Pro: I experimented with some of the other Kindle Fire Twitter apps such as Hootsuite and Seesmic, but I came back to this one. It works well in the Kindle Fire environment. It is easy to use and has an attractive interface.

JustReader: I spent a little time looking for an RSS feed reader for the Kindle Fire. Several had really bad ratings. I have tried this one and it works as well as any of the others I've tried. Right now it is the best I've used.

ColorNote: This simple to use note app works well in the Kindle Fire environment. It allows users to easily make notepad notes and check lists.

Dropbox: This app is not offered in the Kindle Fire App Store, but I was able to download and install it directly from the Dropbox web site. It gives one more level of access to my Dropbox folders.

KeePass: This is my favorite password safe program. I have it on all my desktops, my Droid phone, and now on my Kindle Fire. I can access my passwords from anywhere.

There will no doubt be more and more apps added to the Kindle Fire app store in the coming months. I have downloaded a few others like Diary Mobile, Pulse, and Springpad, but I haven't used them enough yet to make a judgement.  These apps are my top Kindle Fire app recommendations at this time.

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