Sunday, September 25, 2011

Must Have Chrome App: Kindle Cloud Reader

A few weeks ago I began using a great new Chrome App called the Kindle Cloud Reader. Every once in awhile someone develops one of those simple, but have to have applications and this is one of those. I already have access to my Kindle library from my iPad and my Kindle. I also have access to my books on both my laptops through Kindle e-reader apps that I've downloaded and installed. The beauty of the Kindle Cloud Reader app for Chrome is its simplicity. I can click and open the book I'm reading and just start reading. I can download a book for offline reading if I want to be able to read it without web access. I can change the font sizes, the margins and the background color just as I can in the Kindle e-reader app. One thing you can't do yet with the Kindle Cloud Reader app is highlight text and make notes. If you have highlighted text in the other Kindle applications it will be highlighted in the Kindle Cloud Reader app. You must add the Google Chrome Kindle Cloud Reader to your list of must-have Chrome apps if you are Kindle reader. It gives you one more level of access to your Kindle library.

Kindle Cloud Reader Chrome App Main Screen

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  1. Helpful review. I have a Kindle and have always waited until I came home to read books with my Kindle (I don't travel with the Kindle for fear of losing it). The Cloud Reader sounds like the answer to my dilemma.

    Thanks for the post.