Monday, July 18, 2011

My Preliminary Google+ Resource List for Educators

I have been exploring the capabilities of Google+ for just a few days, and I can already say there are features that might make it so much more functional for administrators and educators.

  • Select Sharing: The Google Circles idea is genius. Users can set up groups called circles and place whomever they wish in each of the circles. The potential for this feature is obvious: for example, an administrator could place teachers within an individual circle, guidance department within a circle, and so on. With Google+, selective sharing is fantastically easy. Unlike Facebook, with Google+, you don't have to make everything you share public.
  • Simple User Interface: This is actually a plus as well. There isn't a lot of clutter within Google+'s screens. Its buttons are simple to use, and navigating through each of the screens is quite simple.
  • Lot's of Unexplored Possibilities: Haven't yet begun to use all of Google+'s features, but I can already see where it has great potential as the social media environment for educators.I can hardly wait to explore all of its possibilites.

Some Google+ Links and Resources


  1. Hey! Thanks for linking to us! Appreciate it :)

  2. You're quite welcome. Love the product and your tutorials.

  3. Seems interesting but yet to make up my mind to join google +

    arun jee