Monday, March 14, 2011

Springpad: Educator Note Taking and Task Management System

In my previous post, I wrote about Evernote and how I use it during the course of my job as a school level administrator. Recently, someone called my attention to Springpad,  another note taking and organizational application. It has enough additional features to be interesting as an educator tool. It offers some of the same capabilities as Evernote, and a few extra ones too. Here’s my shortlist of what Springpad can do. I know this list will grow longer and I use the application more.

1. Create notebooks to organize information.


 Springpad’s Main Screen

2.  Jot down notes like administrator meeting notes or parent meeting notes.springpad2

Springpad Note Taking Screen

3. Create checklists of things to do or activities that need to be checked off as you do them.


Springpad Checklist Screen


4.  Use the Springpad extension clip pages for later reference.


Springpad Chrome Extension


5.  Use the "Look It Up" feature allows you to search the web for items and with a button, clip them into your Springpad notebooks.

6. Use Tags to organize things and make them easier to locate.

7. Set email reminders for items in your notebooks.

8.  Share with others by email the items you have in Springpad.

9.  Share items using Facebook and Twitter.

10.  Use "The Board" feature to make your own wall to post sticky notes and to organize your thoughts.


Springpad Board Screen


11.  Make your notes public when you feel the need to share.

12.  Take Springpad with you everywhere you go. It has an online app, iPad app, iPhone app, and an Android app.


I only recently began experimenting with Springpad in earnest. As a potential note taking app, I can see promise. As a potential application for school administrators, it has features that make it a useful note taking application. To create a free Springpad account check here.

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