Monday, March 21, 2011

NOOKStudy: Barnes and Noble’s Powerful Free E-Text Application

One of my favorite E-Book applications for the desktop is Barnes and Noble’s NOOKStudy.  This application is not designed so that you can curl up in your easy chair and read a book. It is designed with students and those reading for research in mind. It has features that make it quite useful in education and for personal reading. Best of all, it’s available for download free from Barnes and Noble. Here’s some of the most interesting features of NOOKStudy.

  • With NOOKStudy, students can organize their notes, handouts, documents and E-Texts in distinct sections that they can create. All manner of documents and texts can be stored together in one place for easy access.
  • PDF documents can be imported into NOOKStudy too. This allows users to add other notes and documents to the E-Reader.
  • NOOKStudy also allows users to view two books at one time for those instances when there’s a need to compare and access multiple texts. With this Dual View, you can even open different parts of the same text and view them side by side.
  • The Highlight and Markup feature allows users to highlight important passages of text, and place notations for additional reference.
  • NOOKStudy also allows users to take notes and add them to the e-book. This feature also allows users to add external links to sites for additional information.
  • Users can add tags to notes for easy access to those notes later.
  • Highlight a word in the text, and with an easy menu, search for that term with Google, Wikipedia,, Wolfram-Alpha, and YouTube.
  • Users can search their own notes for specific terms.
  • Users can print and copy text with ease with NOOKStudy.
  • When finished with taking notes on a text, users can export those notes as a word document or text file to use with other applications or print.
  • Use Fullscreen view to read text.



NOOKStudy Main Interface Screen


NOOKStudy Book Screen

NOOKStudy is a powerful e-text application that combines the ability to easily read text with an ability to make notes and highlight text. It is an excellent application for serious students and serious readers. For more information about NOOKStudy, please see Barnes and Noble’s Web site.

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