Friday, November 27, 2015

Blogo: An Easy-to-Use Blogging App for the Mac

I have waited quite some time for a blogging app for my Mac. I’ve used several, but my personal favorite is Blogo. Blogo provides Mac users with a simple interface. (See below.) It also provides all the features one would expect from a blogging platform as well. It is extremely easy to use, Some of Blogo’s most useful features include:
  • Easy photo editing
  • Post previews while writing
  • Manage blog comments
  • Syncs with Evernote
  • Use with multiple blogs
  • Write blog posts while offline
  • Compatible with both Blogger, WordPress, and Medium
Blogo Interface

For more information about Blogo, the Blogging App for Mac, check out their web site here. By the way, I haven’t received any compensation for this post. This is truly my favorite Mac Blogging app.