Sunday, March 2, 2014

OpenEd: Free Online K-12 Educational Resource Site Now Includes Tablet Apps Too

OpenEd, which bills itself as "the Largest K-12 Educational Resource Catalog," announces the availability of public courses on its web site. Users can now publish any course they have created to the OpenEd community. Here are some of the most notable features of this online instructional resource.

  • Users can use courses already created and located at the site. 
  • The site offers the ability for users to search for the course they want. 
  • There are courses for every grade level in mathematics, language arts, and science. 
  • Each course offers every single Common Core Standard and they are grouped in logical topics.
  • Resources are assigned to each topic.
  • Start your own courses on the site as well.
  • Now with their iPad and Android app, students can enter a code for the course assigned by their teacher.
OpenEd also offers teachers over 1 million standard-aligned educational videos, games, and assessments, and all of it for free. Check out OpenEd for yourself here: OpenEd Web Site

OpenEd's Course Listing

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