Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Knowmia: Tool to “Flip Your Classroom” Is Getting Even Better!

Knowmia is a website and an iPad app that allows teachers to create, share, and view instructional videos for students. It might be just the perfect solution for the teacher looking for a tool to help them implement “Flipped Classroom” instruction.

Recently, Knowmia has been working on three knew features to add to their product. I think teachers and students will find these enhancements useful.

Showcase a Teacher Profile
Teachers can create a profile and endorse other Knowmia teachers. Profiles will be used to describe you to all students and other teachers who are using Knowmia. It’s also a way for the Knowmia community to see all of the great lessons teachers have created. Click here to learn more: Knowmia Blog

Build Interactive Assignments
Teachers can use the Assignment Wizard to create assignments that include video lessons, slides and questions for your students. Most importantly, they can monitor your students’ progress in real-time, assess comprehension and provide them with feedback. Click here to learn more: Knowmia Blog

Empower Students to Benefit from Our Free ToolsStudents can now use the free Knowmia Teach iPad app to create video projects and demonstrate what they’ve learned. Student lessons are completely private and secure. Click here to learn more about student content:Knowmia Blog

Coming soon! Students will be able to register for an account without an email address. Click here to learn more:

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