Monday, August 13, 2012

Wunderlist: Easy to Use Anytime-Anywhere To-Do List App for Educators

Recently, I installed the Wunderlist app to my desktop and my Android tablet. I have used Evernote for my To-Do Lists for sometime, but after reading this article, I decided to give Wunderlist a try. It is an excellent app educators and anyone who needs a simple tool to track their tasks. Here's some reasons it makes an excellent choice as a task management solution for educators.
  • Wunderlist has multiple versions of its app for multiple devices. You can download it to your desktop, Android tablet or phone, iPad or iPhone, or use the web version.
  • Anytime---anywhere access. Because Wunderlist has apps for multiple devices, you can get to your To-Do List any time you need to. You can access it on your Android device, Mac or PC, Web, or iPad/iPhone.
  • Sharing Task Lists. Wunderlist gives users the ability to create task lists and share them across devices. This means users can create those project worklists and share them with their other team members. You create the list, then send them an email invitation to join you in using that list.
  • Easy to use. There are a number of To-Do List apps out there, but Wunderlist is quite easy to use. Adding task lists and tasks are easy. It syncs automatically across devices so you only need add a task once. Sharing a task list with others only takes clicking an icon and typing in an email address.
  • It is free. The apps for Wunderlist are all free. Obviously, for many, nothing else need be said. Wunderlist is currently free so that of course makes even more attractive to educators.
Wunderlist Desktop App Screenshot
Wunderlist Android App Screenshot

Finding a To-Do List app has become an ordeal with all the choices available for users. I'll make that choice much simpler for you. Wunderlist is an excellent app for educators and anyone else who need a technological solution for managing their tasks. For more information, check our Wunderlist's web site here.

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