Friday, June 22, 2012

Flipboard: Must-Have Newsreader App for School Leaders with Android Devices

For those school administrators using Android tablets, and phones, what I consider to be the best newsreader experience in smartphone apps became available today: Flipboard for Android.
For those not familiar with Flipboard, it is a newsreader app that allows you to choose the news you see on your device. You can also see your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumbler feeds. You can even download your Google Reader Feeds too. As a longtime user of Flipboard on my iPad, I was happy that I now can have that same experience on my Android tablet. From my perspective, it is one of the easiest newsreaders to set up, and one of the easiest to use. Check out Flipboard for Android in the Google Play Store.

Flipboard for Android

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