Saturday, February 4, 2012

10 Signs You Are a 21st Century E-reader Reader

The news is clear: the conversion to widespread use of e-readers and e-books continues apace. Textbook publishers and publishers of all types better have plans to offer e-book versions of their products or they will find their audiences limited.

Today, I personally discovered a phenomenon about this e-book transition while using a physical book. I actually caught myself trying to change the page in a book using the finger-slide method I use with my e-reader devices. That leads me to offer up this list of signs you are a converted E-reader Reader.

1) You try to turn the pages by sliding your fingers across the paper page or turn pages the way you would with your e-reader.
2) You try to highlight text by sliding your finger across the physical text in a book, and you actually wait for the pop-up selection box to appear that allows you to copy or highlight text.
3) You know you purchased a book, though you can't remember whether it was in e-book or physical form, but you look first in your e-reader device.
4) You do number 3, and you become disappointed to discover that it was a physical book which means you have to read it the old-fashioned way.
5) Someone suggests a book you need to read, and you become greatly disappointed when you go to the web site to order for you Kindle only to discover it isn't available as a e-text.
6) You buy a e-book version of titles you already have physical versions located on your bookshelves.
7) Months pass before you set foot in an actual bookstore.
8) When you do go to a bookstore, the purpose is to look for books to purchase for your e-reader.
9) You won't purchase a book until it is available as an e-book.
10) You fall asleep with your e-reader lying on your chest in the same place that once was occupied by your favorite, latest paperback novel.

The truth is I was like many out there, slow to adopt the e-reader. I had this fixation about the smell of pages, the touch of book paper between my fingers, and weight of a book on my chest when I would fall asleep. It hasn't taken long for me to get over all of that with all of the added functionality of an e-reader device.

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