Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Psychology of Twitter: Social and Psychological Aspects of Twitter

This Australian Broadcast Corporation program on "The Psychology of Twitter" provides an interesting discussion on many aspects of Twitter. The discussion by this panel of users is an interesting look in where we are now with Twitter, its pitfalls, and how social media might evolve. While it is rather than lengthy, the discussion about Twitter is fascinating and worth the view.

Some of the interesting ideas from the video regarding Twitter:
"Twitter is for old people, is the attitude of many young people."
"Twitter allows users to connect with people anywhere in the world, and carry on a conversation."
"Trying to get to the dis-information on social media networks is problematic. Individuals or companies can create false identities to communicate information." 
"Interesting period of time when social media is losing its innocence."
"Use common sense about who you follow on Twitter. If they have a 'Jack-the-Ripper' avatar, it's probably not a good idea to follow them."

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