Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogsy: Blogposting for the iPad

Recently, I posted a list of my "Administrator's Complete List of iPad Apps" and in that list, I suggested BlogPress as an app for posting to blogs using the iPad. BlogPress is simple to use, but it is not very elaborate and does not offer users a great deal of options. One of my commenters  suggested as an alternative the app "Blogsy." I have downloaded the app and tested it out, and I have to say that it is a more tech-savvy option to BlogPress.

Blogsy offers users an interface that is easy to use, and it allows users to drag and drop media into your blogpost. It has all the features that make it just as easy to post from your iPad as it is from your desktop.

Blogsy Interface
Here are some of things that now makes Blogsy my choice app for posting to my blog using the iPad.
  • Drag and Drop Pictures: You can drag pictures from your Flickr or Picasa accounts right into your blog post.
  • Text Formatting: You can use text formats such as bold, italics, or bulleted lists by simply selecting the text and tapping a buttom.
  • Drag and Drop Videos: With this feature you can drag and drop Youtube videos right into your blogpost too. You can also get embed codes and post videos from other sites as well.
  • Works with Both Blogger and WordPress: I use mainly Blogger, but I have had a WordPress account in the past, so it comforting that you can use both of the big blogging platforms.
Blogsy is a full featured blog post editor that allows you to post to your blog with ease. It was well worth the price I paid in the AppStore.

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