Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Should School Administrators Blog?

In reflecting on my one year anniversary with this blog, I was just wondering if there’s anything I can add to the argument that administrators should be blogging. Because of my sixteen years in the classroom as an English teacher I love blogging. I have always been a journal-keeper and closet writer, and I reluctantly admit I’ve always wanted to publish. Blogging has given me that outlet. Still, if I were going to convince other administrators to blog, what would be my selling points? Based on my personal experiences I can only currently offer the following:

  • Blogging is another node in the Professional Learning Network. Posting on a blog has allowed me to connect with other administrators and educators. For example, after a recent post on providing students wireless access, I connected with a principal in British Columbia, a director of technology in New York, a media specialist in Australia, and an assistant superintendent in Wisconsin. Blogging provides still another way to connect with educators globally.
  • Blogging is a way to share ideas with other educators and get ideas in return. As a formal teacher, I have always treasured those professional development activities where teachers sit across the table and share what they do in their classrooms. Some of the best teaching ideas I stumbled upon came from those sessions. Now, as an administrator, I can share my ideas blogging, and often I will receive a comment or an email from a fellow administrator leading me to their ideas.
  • Blogging is a way engaging others in discussions about topics that matter to you.  By posting on topics of interest, a user can engage a potential global audience in a discussion on that topic. The ability of readers to leave comments makes it possible for others to engage in that world-wide education conversation. For example, I once posted my thoughts about Secretary Duncan’s Race to the Top initiative. That post invited others to post their thoughts, resulting in a conversation about the merits and drawbacks of the initiative. Blogging is an excellent way to engage others in global conversations about education.

I’m sure there are many other reasons to blog. For me, blogging is another way to be a part of something for which I am passionate, public education. Perhaps some of you can offer some more reasons why administrators should blog.


  1. I too was an English teacher, but my emphasis was in literature. Writing was not for me the passion it is for you. However, I agree with all your points. If you don't mind me suggesting a follow-up for your blog, how has your blog evolved? Where did you start compared with where you are now? I have only started blogging, but I am unsure what people want to read, what is of interest, or what is worth people's time and attention.

  2. I would be glad to follow up with an answer to your questions. Blogging has and continues to be learn as you go experience. Thanks for the comment and blog idea.

  3. I have recently started a blog. Thanks for your encouragement. It is important for students and teachers to see me as a learner.