Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All I Got For My Troubles: An Obama Email Begging for Money to Fight Financial Reform Battle

I have sent message after message to the Democratic Party and to President Obama to express my concerns about Secretary Duncan’s education policy that is basically painting a target on the backs of every teacher and principal in our grand country. You will not believe what I have gotten in return: An email message begging me to donate money to the Democratic Party’s fight for financial reform. The nerve of these people. I vote for them in the last 8 election cycles or as long as I can remember, even donate money to their presidential campaigns, and they are deaf to my messages, and still have the guts to send me an email requesting money! Honestly, since the Democratic Party apparently does not give a hoot about educator’s concerns about Duncan run wild, I don’t give a hoot about their financial reform. I am now taking lessons from Arne Duncan, my vote and financial support has now become a competitive grant. I will grant my vote and support to who can best meet my conditions for reform. Not sure what those are yet, but you can bet it is “Change I CAN believe in.”

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