Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inspiration 9 Software Review

The other night I downloaded a trial version of Inspiration 9. I have used the software all the way back to version 6, and I even had a copy of version 8 on my laptop. Inspiration’s ability to allow me to take web formatted notes while reading during my masters program and then my EdS program was invaluable. These webs could then be easily converted to outlines and printed for my notebooks. I even shared these outline notes with my EdS classmates on several occasions.

Truth is, Inspiration has also been useful to me in other ways as well. I have used it for scripting notes during teacher observations as well. The main advantage of using a web format was that it helped me organize my thoughts as I scripted during a teacher observation. I also used Inspiration as a presentation software in those instances where I wanted to be able to navigate my presentation in a visual way, utilizing the software as a kind of map between main points. I continue to use Inspiration in these ways, and I always look for ways to take advantage of its capabilities.

This actually brings me to a new added feature of Inspiration 9 which I think I will like. You can now convert those web notes into a presentation complete with backgrounds and effects. I have not entirely explored this feature yet, but it looks promising, especially for those of us who like to start out with a visual map of the information we want to present.

Be sure to download a trial version of Inspiration 9 below. Also, if you have found other ways to use the software in the course of carrying out your administrative duties, let me know.

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