Sunday, August 8, 2010

21st Century Side Line Item: Some People Just Don't Deserve to Own Pets

On Friday, my wife dropped at the animal shelter a pregnant cat abandoned by neighbors who moved away and left her behind. The animal shelter informed her that they would probably have to put her asleep, but they would not do it for twenty-four hours. This morning, my wife called me in tears while she was at work and asked me to go get the cat. I went to the shelter and picked the cat up and took her to the vet. This cat is the queen of conversation. She spoke to me the entire way. She looked up at me with her large green eyes and purred so loud it drowned out the sound of the car air conditioner. She checked out OK with vet, but we are going to have her spayed next week. I realize much of what I write about is tied to education and education policy, but sometimes things like this happen and I can't help myself. What makes me angry is that the people across the street (I won't call the neighbors again) left this cat behind. It seems to me some people just don't deserve to own pets.


  1. Your post is one that brings back a flood of memories.

    We also had this happen when we moved into our home. The previous owner had 5 cats, but she flat out said that she wasn't taking one. The poor fella was a long haired beautiful boy, but he was so full of snarls and burrs that he couldn't be brushed. In time I worked all those burrs out and he was one happy boy.

    While in my last few years of college, I worked for the local animal shelter. As a kid, we held the county animal shelter at our farm, and on more than one occasion we were fostering a horse for the state's hooved animal society. I can tell you some sad stories.

    I'm glad you saved her and I hope she gives you years of friendship. Even if you don't keep her, you'll always know that you did the right thing.

  2. Oh, we'll keep her. She has won our hearts over with her incessant talking and purring. I could not work in animal shelters. I have a soft side for animals because they do not aways ask for their circumstances. I suppose that applies to education as well.