Tuesday, February 2, 2016

So What If I'm Using Microsoft Office 365! It's Still a Good Bet!

I recently purchased Microsoft Office 365. I realize there's a great deal of "anti-Microsoft" sentiment floating around, but this office suite still has proven its utility, over and above any other office suite. It has features that make it so useful for my work as an administrator and my doctoral work and writing.

  • Seamless integration across devices. The Office 365 package I purchased allows installation on 3 computers and 5 mobile devices. I can work on my reading notes in OneNote and then access them on my iPhone or iPad and not miss a beat. This cross device access is exactly what those of us who use multiple devices need.
  • Simplified user interface. Some may have actually enjoyed the days when Microsoft Office had all those buttons, but I for one, enjoy the less is best concept.
  • Integration with Mendeley Citation Manager Software. This is probably important to only a few, but I am in the midst of writing my dissertation, so having the Mendeley is a plus. Mendeley is the free citation manager program that I am currently using. (If you're interested in downloading Mendeley, check out their web site here.)

Microsoft Office 365 was worth the close to 100 dollars I spent. By using it you get Microsoft cloud space subscription as well. The value of an Office Suite these days, as with any productivity program is not always with all the things it can do and its features; it is its simplicity and access across devices.

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