Monday, April 23, 2012

NC Senate Leader Releases His Plan for Education Reform

North Carolina Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger released his education reform plan today. The plan is called the Excellent Public Schools Act. Based on a quick read-through of the legislation and from Senator Berger's Web Site, here are the reforms outlined in that plan:

  • Ending social promotion for 3rd graders who can't demonstrate they can read based on state adopted reading tests.
  • Add "intensive reading instruction" for students struggling to read.
  • Grade schools as A, B, C, D, or F based on test scores.
  • Add a North Carolina Teacher Corps program, modeled after Teach for America, that would allow recent college graduates and mid-career professionals teach in low-performing schools.
  • Pay teachers based on merit as determined by test scores?
  • End teacher tenure and have teacher sign a contract for employment each year.
  • Provide funding for the instructional days that the General Assembly added last year but did not fund.
  • Allow state employees to volunteer in a public literacy program for up to five hours per month.

Here's some links for more information on this education reform plan.

I will comment more on this reform package after I have had time to look through the legislation.


  1. I did not read every word of the proposed act but in skimming it there is no question that the document has little to recommend it to teachers. Good luck to all NC teachers. Is there a plan by the teachers of NC to fight the passing of this piece of legislation?

  2. I'm sure teachers will put together something. This document is definitely the Republican privatization agenda.