Thursday, May 5, 2011

BlogPress: iPad Blogging App

BlogPress is another "must-have" app for iPad users who wish to have the capability of blogging from their iPad. As an experienced blogger, having the ability to write blogposts from my iPad enables me to post to my blog using another technological device. I use Blogger-Droid on my Android phone, so I basically have the ability to write and post to my blog from any where and at any time. BlogPress is a simple to use app, that does not necessarily have all the bells and whistles found in others, but its sheer simplicity makes it quite useful. While I prefer using Windows Livewriter for most of my blogging, BlogPress gives one additional way to keep on blogging.  Be sure to add BlogPress to your app list.

Originally posted from BlogPress on my iPad.


  1. Is BlogPress an official Blogger app for ipad? Does it work for Blogger at all?

  2. Actually, it is not an official Blogger app. It was created by a separate app studio. However, it does work seamlessly with Blogger. I have also been exploring another app called Blogsy, recommended by a reader. It works with Blogger too and it has a number of more features for blogging with the iPad. Blogpress is a much simpler app for blogging though.