Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Google Docs Upgrades

I read about the new changes Google was making to Google Docs this morning and immediately became excited. I use Google Docs quite often. I use it when I need to create a presentation simply because it keeps me from having to tote a flash drive around. If you are like me, you probably have about ten of them, and trying to figure out to which one I saved the presentation is a painful process sometimes. Using the presentation mode in Google Docs makes it easy. I also have begun using Google Forms for some of my administrative tasks. For example, I have actually created a form that allows me to enter discipline data and then track it in a spreadsheet. I can talk with teachers about how many referrals they are making, and this can generate discussion with the whole staff regarding how they handle individual students in their classrooms.


Discipline Form Created in Google Docs

When I heard about Google Draw being added to the Google Docs line up I was excited, because now I have an opportunity to create flow charts, graphic organizers, and other diagrams online and keep them. The new Google Docs will also allow real-time collaboration now. Lots of uses for that.


Flow Chart Created in Google Docs Draw

Google Docs is becoming a power tool for me in my daily tasks as an administrator. I have even uploaded my letterhead so that when I need to pound out an official letter, I can do it anywhere.



  1. Mr. Robinson -

    In regards to using Google Docs for tracking discipline data, this is something I've looked at. But I'm curious as to whether putting student names into a document stored in Google Docs violates any privacy issues.. How do you work around this?

  2. I thought about that. In truth, the discipline is secure and no one has access. And, the date and info I store there is minimal. I know some systems have clear restrictions that would prevent this, but currently we do not.